MatchIT Color Inspection System

Digital Imaging Technology for the Inspection of
Multicolored, Patterned, and Textured Materials

Need to inspect your product or samples?

Are color, texture, and patterns important considerations?

Looking for a system that doesn't require image processing experience?

If so, please read on to learn about the world's easiest-to-use, and most effective, automated inspection system.

MatchIT software shown analyzing thin film interference patterns

MatchIT Features

MatchIT combines video imaging with color digital image analysis.  Use it to:
  • Classify, grade, or sort
  • Verify product appearance
  • Measure color and texture
  • Find defects
  • Assess visual similarity

Can you tell the difference between these two fabric samples?

Reference Different Lot
MatchIT can!
 Reliably – and with statistical confidence!  MatchIT allows you to monitor the appearance of your products and materials with unprecedented accuracy and ease.

Unlike typical vision systems or color instruments, MatchIT:
  • Involves NO programming
  • Trains in minutes by showing examples
  • Requires no user data analysis
  • Has built-in pattern recognition and learning capabilities
  • Handles complex or noisy images with ease
  • Inspects without restrictions on sample size or viewing geometry
If you need to analyze multicolored, patterned, or textured samples with high spatial resolution, you need MatchIT!

MatchIT software shown finding defects on the same fabric sample

Sample Applications

MatchIT systems are perfect for applications in these and many other areas:
  • Materials - textiles, leather, paper, metals, plastics
  • Food - meat, fruits/vegetables, cheese, baked goods, contaminants
  • Medical - dermatology, pathology, dentistry, pharmaceuticals
  • Manufacturing - lot matching, material optimization, thin films, thermal analysis, wear testing, abrasives, filters and fibrous material
  • Graphic Arts - color printing and reproduction, proofing
  • Consumer - cosmetics, packaging, paint & stain
  • Scientific - microscopy, fluorescence, material analysis
  • Building - tile, carpet, granite, marble, wood, countertops, wallpaper
  • Miscellaneous - agriculture, forensics, museum artwork
MatchIT software shown grading ground beef

MatchIT Benefits
  • Color inspection and measurement capability not previously available
  • Ideal tool for Quality Control and R&D (online & offline)
  • Adaptable for multi-purpose use
  • Faster and more accurate than human inspectors
  • Pushbutton operation - up and running in minutes
  • Low cost and quick ROI

MatchIT technology is field-proven and in use at some of America's leading manufacturers.  Please contact us for more information or for a free evaluation of your application.

MatchIT - The industry's most advanced Quality Control solution for appearance measurement and analysis!


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